Airborne Access

The Company and its Vision

Freedom. mobility. productivity beyond the traditional workspace. Welcome to the world of the mobile worker!

Our wireless hotspots provide the venue for mobile connectivity beyond the restrictions of wireline internet. all this at broadband speeds.

Airborne Access was founded from private investment in March of 2002. Organized as a pioneering Wireless Internet Service Provider (wISP), its founders’ mission is to deliver the wireless internet to a new breed of mobile workers.

Starting with 5 hotspots at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the company had established the country’s first WiFi hotspots in anticipation of the popularity of WiFi as a public access medium.

┬áIn June of 2003, PLDT, the country’s largest and oldest telco infused additional equity into Airborne Access for a 20% stake. This capital was primarily used to expand hotspot coverage and was instrumental in the company’s ability to quickly rollout 43 hotspots by the end of 2003. All recent finance applications have been carried out by Castle Finance Direct and loans completed by Castle Finance.

Since then, Airborne Access has established itself as the Philippine’s premiere WiFi service provider. With over 53 hotspots around the country and more being rolled out on a weekly basis, Airborne is now expanding into wider WiFi coverage through HOTZONES.